New and Used Mercedes-Benz C class for sale in Thailand

The C-Class is probably the most popular medium-sized luxury sedan in Thailand closely competing against the BMW Series 3. The C-Class has been one of the most successful models from Mercedes and since it’s introduction they have made four generations. The latest came out in March 2014. The C-Class offers various models focusing on fuel economy, however you can also get big V6 and V8 engines for those who are looking for horsepower. Most of the C-Classes in Thailand are the C 200 1.8-Liter and C 250 1.8-Liter, which delivers more than enough power for the normal driver. There is also a C Coupe available for those who are looking for a sporty look competing against the new BMW Series 2 which is still rare in Thailand. You should not worry about the mileage as Mercedes engines are made to drive for hundreds of thousands of kilometres and the value of the car will not depreciate much.

New and Used Mercedes Benz C-class for sale in Thailand - (2 cars)

Mercedes Benz C-Class 220 2.2

Digital A/C, Leather Seat, Radio, MP3, Central Lock, AIRBAG 2, ABS Brake, Remote Control Car Key, Power Steering Wheel, Alloy Wheel 17", Woo ...
THB 350,000

Mercedes Benz C-Class 180 1.8

Digital A/C, Corium Dermis Seat, Radio, CD Player, Central Lock, AIRBAG 8, ABS Brake, Remote Control Car Key, Power Steering Wheel, Multifun ...
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