New and Used Ferrari for sale in Thailand

Ferrari is an Italian supercar manufacturer which is based in Maranello, Italy. They are founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929. They are participating in many racing categories around the world, and is most known for its presence in Formula 1. Ferrari is a very well known high prestige brand around the world, most people when they see Ferrari they symbolize it speed, luxury and wealth. Ferrari´s main competitor is Lamborghini which is from italy as well.

A new or used car from Ferrari is something we can recommend if you are looking for speed and a car with a good engine sound. We at has done our best to collect a good overview of all new and used cars from Ferrari in Thailand. Ferrari is the ultimate car goal for most people around the world, an used car from Ferrari can be a good choice for the person who wants to experience the feeling of having it all in one car for a price which they can afford.  Ferrari is mostly known for the prancing horse in their symbol, usually with the letters S F (Scuderia Ferrari). Some of the best selling cars from Ferrari are the 430, 458, California and 360.

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